Take the 2020 Liquibase Community Survey!

Fix a bug, enhance existing features, or build something completely new. Join other developers in making Liquibase better for yourself and the larger community. For over a decade, we’ve had people from around the world help out in so many ways. Thank you! Here’s how you can keep it going and make the community even better.

Have a feature idea? Find a bug in Liquibase?

If it is a bug in the main Liquibase library, log it in GitHub Issues. Liquibase has used Jira to track issues in the past, and there are still many open issues there. You can still comment on issues there, but no new issues can be created. We will be migrating the most important issues to GitHub over time.

How to Report an Issue
Liquibase repo on GitHub
contribute code

Want to Contribute Code?

Add code to Liquibase to fix a bug or make an enhancement. There are so many ways to use Liquibase. As a community, we can continue to extend Liquibase for all of the ways people use it. Share your expertise, make sure Liquibase works for yourself, and contribute your improvements back to the community.

Contribute Code
contribute code

Create a Liquibase Extension

Do you want to use Liquibase on a new, unsupported database platform? Do you want to call Liquibase from your favorite tool and it’s not yet supported? Copy and modify and existing extension, or create a new one from scratch.

Build Extensions
building extensions