The Liquibase community is a global group of big-thinking humans who range from people just learning about Liquibase to seasoned, power-users. The community also strives to make Liquibase more accessible by extending Liquibase, sharing knowledge to make it easy for everyone to use, and having fun while doing it. Our mission’s success relies on a vibrant community of users and contributors — luminaries, leaders, and legends — who help us grow the Liquibase community through their adoption, feedback, and continued contributions.

The purpose of the Liquibase Legends program is to recognize everyone’s achievements and contributions in a way that adds to the enjoyment of being part of the community.

Join Our Growing Team of Liquibase Legends

Total ScoreContributor ID

The pathway to Legend

Your journey begins as a Luminary, then levels up to Leader and then ultimately, Legend.

10 points to qualify in first year, 10 points to maintain in subsequent years


Exclusive access to contributor channels

Official Liquibase social media recognition

LinkedIn Luminary Badge

50 points to qualify in first year, 25 points to maintain in subsequent years


Benefits of Luminary plus;

Leader Channel Access

Exclusive Leader swag

LinkedIn Leader Badge

250 points to qualify in first year, 125 points to maintain in subsequent years


Benefits of Leader plus;

Exclusive access to Legend’s channel

Featured on the home page

Exclusive Legend swag

Access to Liquibase product, engineering, and developer evangelism teams to help with reviews of talks and blog posts

LinkedIn Recommendation from Liquibase team

LinkedIn Legend Badge

Earn points for your achievements and contributions

The chart below details a list of achievements and contributions that earn you points.* We track these points for accuracy to ensure you’re leveling up and earning badges.

SupporterContent ContributorDeveloperAdvocateUser
Answer questions on Liquibase Forum (2pts)Create a video about Liquibase (4pts)Submit PR to update javadocs in the code (2pts)Share & amplify Liquibase Community efforts (retweets, shares with @liquibase handle) (0.25 pt each)Attend a Roundtable (1pt)
Answer questions on Liquibase StackOverflow (2pts)Write an article pertaining to Liquibase (2pts)Write a Test – Unit, Integration, Test Harness (3pts)Record a topical Liquibase webinar or case study (8pts)Complete Liquibase Fundamentals Certification (5pt)
Contribute concepts & commands documentation (3pts)Submit PR to fix bugs and issues (4pts)Give a tech talk to a regional audience (10pts)Complete Liquibase CI/CD Course (5pt)
Implement a training sub-module in Liquibase University (3pts)Submit PR for features & enhancements (5pts)Give a tech talk to a global audience (11pts)Complete the Liquibase Commands Course (5pts)
Produce content on Liquibase properties (4pts)Write a 3rd-party Liquibase plug-in (175pts)Complete a Community Survey (2pts)
Create a tutorial or workflow for use on (5pts)Create a Liquibase Extension (200pts)Share your story with the Community Team (4pts)
Share your Liquibase experience with the Product Team (4pts)
Ask a question on the Liquibase forum (1pt)
  • The community team reviews contributions for quality before awarding points
  • The community team reviews and recommends promotion to each level
  • Points are calculated for each calendar year.
  • The level earned in one year continues to be your level in the following year. To maintain the level beyond that, you will need to complete the level maintenance requirements listed in the program rules.

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